Half ton Versa-Trailer utility trailer

ATV Utility Trailer’s “Little Brother” Ideal for Lighter Hauling Tasks

 DR® Power Equipment today introduced the DR Versa-Trailer ½-Ton, a smaller, more economical version of the company’s popular commercial utility dump trailer designed for light duty hauling on properties of all sizes.

In the short time since its introduction, the original DR Versa-Trailer has changed the way people think about utility trailers, garnering remarkable praise and excitement from consumers. But some who want a rugged ATV dump trailer do not need the commercial carrying capacity and lifting ability of the large Versa-Trailer. For these property owners, DR Power Equipment now offers the simplified Versa-Trailer ½-Ton utility trailer.

“You could call this new trailer the Versa-Trailer’s little brother, but it certainly holds its own,” said Michael Johnston, DR Power Product Manager. “Like the larger trailer, the ½-Ton model is fully galvanized. And it can handle loads to up to one thousand pounds.”

On top of its all-steel, galvanized construction, the new utility trailer features removable end panels for carrying long loads such as lumber. The panels can be removed in seconds, without the use of tools. The trailer also comes standard with a pivoting hitch which allows the trailer and its towing vehicle to ride independently without putting torque on the tongue or hitch.

The trailer’s large, 22” diameter wheels equipped and high ground clearance allow users to take the Versa-Trailer ½-Ton anywhere they can drive their ATV, UTV, or compact tractor. And unlike some poly or wooden ATV trailers and dump carts, the Versa-Trailer ½-Ton was designed with a pivot point near the middle of the bed, allowing the trailer to achieve an impressive 35 degree dump angle for easy, clean dumping.

Cast axle attachment points give the Versa-Trailer ½-Ton a foundation that is much stronger than the thin, bent sheet metal construction commonly found on other ATV dump wagons and carts. Steel guards also protect the knobby tires’ valves from rocks, roots, and stumps.

The trailer’s carrying capacity is 1000 lbs.

Optional features include a winch; extension side walls for carrying bulky materials like leaves and mulch; and a jack stand for raising and lowering the trailer’s tongue.

The DR Versa-Trailer ½-Ton starts at a $999 list price, but introductory offers, including free shipping on most orders, make this innovative dump trailer even more affordable. The trailer can be purchased at drpower.com/versa-trailer.

DR® Power Equipment, a division of Country Home Products, Inc., the premiere developer and marketer of professional-grade outdoor equipment for residential use, was founded in 1985 in Charlotte, Vermont.  Today it occupies three facilities and employs 220 people. For more information on its complete line of power equipment and home care supplies, visit the web site at www.drpower.com.

DR® Power Equipment sells products factory-direct and through a network of over 500 dealers; a free catalog can be ordered at 802-877-1200, or obtained online at www.drpower.com. For more information on DR® POWER EQUIPMENT, please contact Jon Trobaugh at: PR@drpower.com.

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