HSUS files complaint against NPPC with the FTC

The Humane Society of the United States filed a legal complaint with the Federal Trade Commission, asserting that the National Pork Producers Council (NPPC) is engaging in deceptive advertising related to animal well-being in violation of the Federal Trade Commission Act.

The complaint alleges that the pork industry’s public descriptions of its “We Care Initiative” and deceptively-titled “Pork Quality Assurance Plus” program are riddled with numerous false claims regarding the welfare of pigs, including the trade group’s patently false claim that its PQA Plus program helps to “ensure that all animals in the pork industry continue to receive humane care and handling.”

HSUS cites tail docking and the confinement of breeding sows as practices of concern. The complaint claims the abusive practices allowed by the We Care and PQA Plus programs are fundamentally inconsistent with the Pork Council’s public claims.

“The pork industry spends millions misleading the public about its animal welfare record, while allowing pigs to be crammed into tiny gestation crates where they can’t even turn around for months on end,” said Jonathan Lovvorn, senior vice president for animal protection litigation at The HSUS. “Rather than investing in real animal welfare reforms, the Pork Council is betting the farm on a deceptive PR campaign designed to mislead consumers with false assurances.”

In response to the HSUS measures, NPPC plans to vigorously defend their programs practices of the industry.

“The FTC complaint is the latest attack by animal-rights activists on America’s hog farmers, an assault that seems obviously in response to the U.S. pork industry’s strident opposition to congressional legislation that would allow federal bureaucrats to tell farmers how to raise and care for their animals. NPPC looks forward to the FTC quickly dismissing HSUS’s complaint,” the NPPC  said in a statement. “America’s hog farmers are committed to providing humane and compassionate care for their pigs at every stage of life. U.S. hog farmers are the ones who ensure the well-being of their animals and who are dedicated to producing safe, affordable and healthful foods for consumers — using standards and practices that have been designed with input from veterinarians and other animal-care experts — not groups that spend well-over half of the donations they receive on soliciting more contributions and, apparently, the other portion on suing American farmers.”

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  1. Since the beginning that I sow the abuse I send an email as a petition to let this Companies know, that weather the animals for consumption where going to be kill the animals have the right to be treated with respect and care because until their last minute before their death they deserve that right. It was horrible to see a pregnant pig without space for mobility and comfort feel that is abuse against this animals .That just because they will be in a plate they have no right to be treated descent as it should all be no matter if they are for consumption or not. Also that these animals in stress and anger they get sick and in pain. What more torture and abuse should they receive when they will be killed .Every animal deserve humane respect and care .I became an activist because of all the abuse is going on every where with people and animals. It is time that even the animal food we will receive should be respected as we give thanks and blessed in our tables at home. I am against abuse in any order. Companies and workers who kill animals for consumption do not respect the life of animals feelings and comfort that these animals need .These animals also have feelings, they cry and they feel pain ,abuse and aggravation stop eating pig food because of the way these animals are treated. I am thankful that the Humane Society of Animals has taking this seriously. Maria Celia Hernandez 4-22-2012

  2. From the outside looking in it is common to not understand the science behind almost all aspects of production. It doesn’t matter if it is the auto industry, fuel production,education, medicine, agriculture or any other industry anywhere in the world. There is however a common thread in all these industries. Simply to be the best most effecient at your particular job.
    There are few, if any, businesses that care more about their product than those engaged in the production of livestock. The well being of every animal to a livestock farmer is paramount to not only the animal but also the farmer. Farmers love and care for their animals continuously. Unhappy sick and mistreated animals do not bode well for the farmer. Great amounts of time, money and labor are devoted to prevention of those problems.
    There are few if any industries in the world that have had more time, money and great minds devoted to it than that of animal science. Anyone who thinks differently about the motivations of a livestock farmer are being done a great disservice by a propaganda organization whose real goal is the elimination of animal protien from the worlds diet.
    I certainly am not offended by vegans, however, they should not be offended by the majority of us that enjoy pork,beef,chicken or anything we chose to eat.
    Next time you see a livestock producer thank them for a job well done.

      • Is is wrong to label parents as “loving and caring” even though some have been found guilty of beating their children? Just because one farmer mistreats their animals doesn’t mean you can “blanket label” all farmers as cruel and in-humane.
        Mr. Kelly has “hit the nail on the head” when he stated “There are few, if any, businesses that care more about their product than those engaged in the production of livestock.”
        I would ask how many weekends do you go to work all day? How often would you be willing to get up in the middle of the night to check your livestock during the birthing season? How often do you, Jessica, have to fight impeding regulations on your job which were put there by people who have no idea what you do?
        It may be cliche but please walk a mile, or even a few feet, in a farmers shoes before you attempt to regulate or put labels where they don’t belong.

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