Jim Herring, Wyandot County, April 23

“We planted a little corn on April 11 just to get things started. We waited until the 16th before we really turned things loose.  I planted 95% of my corn last week and now it has turned cold. We’ll have to see what happens. I dug some up this morning and it has sprouted pretty well. It was nice and dry, which was good to plant in. We had to work the ground an extra time this year to get it ready, I think because of all the heavy rain and the lack of freezing and thawing.

“I got some that is spiked and almost ready to come up. It will warm up next week and be fine. We just got .7-inch on Saturday evening and that is drying off pretty fast. There is moisture where the seed is at, and it is germinating so we’re in good shape.

I was going to wait until the 21st to start planting beans, which is the crop insurance date. I will get started with beans when it warms up and dries out a little.

“We got our no-till fields burnt down and in our conventional fields the tillage got the weeds under control pretty well. I think there are some guys that have held off and not started yet, and I think there are some guys that are done. It varies a lot out there and we’re sort of in the middle. What a difference a year makes. Last year we couldn’t plant anything until June, and this year if you had the nerve, you could’ve had it all planted in April.

“This week it is reminding everyone that it still is April in Ohio.  I think that some of the guys that waited are glad they didn’t plant. The guys that did plant are thinking that it will warm up and be alright. I think it will be OK either way.”


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