Landoll introduces larger vertical tillage machines

The benefits of vertical tillage and the need for large-acreage productivity have seamlessly come together in three new 7400 Series 5-Section Vertical Tillage Plus machines from Landoll. Available in working widths from 39’ 9” to 49’ 9”, the 5-Section VTplus, can cover up to an impressive 42 acres per hour, while sizing and anchoring residue and mixing a shallow layer of soil — all at speeds up to 8 ½ miles per hour. When coupled with the previous VTplus models, the Landoll 7400 Series line of vertical tillage machines becomes the largest in the industry.

“The enormous number of satisfied and loyal customers Landoll has gained since the first VTplus machines were introduced in 2008 is testament to the overall design of the 7400 Series,” says  Jamie Meier, Landoll Ag Sales Manager. “Our engineers invested a great deal of research into determining the most proficient gang angle, disc blade type and spacing; and it shows.”

As with other 7400 series models, all new 5-section units feature a 10-degree disc gang angle with ultra-low concavity 22” disc blades spaced on 7” centers.

This combination ensures an even cutout across the full width of the machine and mixes the right amount of soil with residue to allow the decomposition process to begin. The overlapping, staggered gangs equally contribute to the smooth flow of soil and a level, ready-to-plant seedbed.

The 7450-39, 7450-44 and 7450-49 models are unique, however, in a number of features related to their size. The center section on all three 7450 models is equipped with two sets of dual walking tandems for a total of eight road-trailer-rated flotation tires which equally distribute the weight. Center sections also feature 4” diameter spindles with 8-bolt, triple Teflon sealed hubs. Thanks to their unique design, all 7450 models also fold to a narrow width of 17’ 4” for transport.

“Like all 7400 Series models, the 7450 models also feature hydraulically controlled fore-to-aft leveling that can be adjusted on the go,” Meier maintains. “That setting is then maintained, regardless of the operating depth. Every VTplus machine is additionally equipped with heavy-duty conditioner reels that put a finishing touch to every pass.”

However, the best feature of the new 5-section VTplus models, Meier concludes is the size and its high productivity.

“The ability to cover up to 420 acres in a 10-hour day and have it ready to plant in one pass is the kind of productivity today’s large-acreage farmers are needing,” Meier concludes. “The 7450 VTplus models provide the added return on investment that comes with high yields as a result of earlier planting and more uniform emergence.”

For more information on the 7400 Vertical Tillage Plus or other Landoll products, call 785-738-6613 or visit



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