Mark Dowden- April 9, 2012

“We’re planting corn and beans. Last week, people started early and then everybody backed off a little. We planted couple hundred acres of soybeans last week and now we’re planting corn. We planted beans on Friday and Saturday and switched over and planted one field of corn on Saturday. If conditions are right, we’ll just keep planting until we’re done.

“It is going in really well. We have dry conditions and we’re putting seed down into the moisture. By the end of the week, it is supposed to warm up and hopefully it will really take off. Guys in the area were working ground last week and the majority of the burndown has been done around here. Today they are ready to go and guys are getting on it. I think some guys were a little gun-shy last week to get going because last year, the later planted crops did so well. But this week, I think most everybody is ready to go.

“Frost, the markets, the mild winter — there are a lot of challenges out there and everybody is anxious about all of these things. In the past, though, planting in early April has worked and the markets have been climbing up. There have been some golden opportunities to sell some pretty profitable soybeans at this point. We sold some last week. We’re not planning to switch any acres from corn to soybeans, though, and we’re heavy on corn this year. Corn is a little more profitable for us. The $14 beans are good, but corn is better. Here in Champaign County, I think corn is still king.”

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