Mark Dowden, Champaign and Logan Counties, April 23

“The first of our corn is just kind of spiking up on around 400 acres. We have our corn all planted. We’re better than half way through our soybeans. We have corn up and we have beans up. We finished planting the corn last Wednesday.  We finished in the afternoon then switched over to planting beans later that evening. We planted all day Friday, then, until it rained us out. We got a half-inch then and we had gotten a half-inch the weekend before. If it had been warm, that moisture would not have lasted us long.

“We’re probably not going to be able to get back to planting because it is so cold, it is not drying things out. The coldest I have seen is 38 degrees this morning at 5:30 a.m. I was going to see if I could spray, but it was already too windy. I just don’t think it will frost. The ground is still too warm. I don’t think this cold weather is that big of a deal. I’d be more concerned about this weather in another two or three weeks.

“As son as the soil is dry, we’re going to run and we’re hoping to get done this week. I don’t ever remember being done with planting everything in April. It is quite a difference from last year. I am excited about what can happen. I think we have a lot of potential here. I even gambled and sold some corn for the first half of September.  They had such a premium on it and I think I can get some over there by the first half of September. We planted some 104-day corn to try to get some out early. We’re seeing a 50- or 60-cent premium if I can get it out by then.

“The weeds had kind of stopped growing and weren’t taking the chemical in. Time will tell how it works out, but a lot of these fields are staying pretty clean. We found some black cutworm in some of our first corn. If we can get out to spray in the next few days, we’re going to add some insecticide to control those.”

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