Mark Thomas, April 9, 2012

“I look around me and there are lot of guys ready to plant, but I have not seen anybody plant anything other than oats and alfalfa. Now it is 54 degrees and they are calling for snow tomorrow, so that is slowing some guys down a little bit.

“We’re just getting caught up on hauling manure. Now we have a good handle on that and we’re getting out and doing some tillage. We were extremely wet for a long time and now the tops of the fields have dried out nicely. It is sprinkling right now and the soils are in good shape. If it rains a little, it won’t break my heart. They are calling for a chance of snow tonight, tomorrow and Wednesday and then temperatures in the 70s by the end of the week.

“It is hard for a lot of guys to keep themselves under control, but the crop insurance date for replant was the sixth and things are wide open now. I am sure that there will be guys putting stuff in the ground pretty soon when it warms up. Me personally, I won’t plant corn or soybeans for another two or three weeks yet. I figure I will be making hay in two weeks and that will be before we plant. That alfalfa is like gold to me and I will make alfalfa before I plant anything. The alfalfa had a fast start but the cool weather has slowed things down, including the weeds.

“It made our hay grow, but we lost 3,000 pounds of milk production a day when it got hot. We made that up in three or four days and now they are back as strong as ever. The biggest thing I am happy about is that it has dried out as well as it has, but I am afraid now it will go too far one way or another. “

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