Mark Thomas, Stark County, April 23

“There are guys that have a lot of planting done, some are done planting. There are some people who have not started yet. Last year we planted corn on June 5 and it still made 198-bushel corn at 18% moisture. So, some guys are being cautious. There are no fields of corn or beans out of the ground yet. A friend of mine planted sweet corn early and it all got frosted off. The earliest corn I saw planted up our way was 10 days ago.

“I have not planted yet. I was hoping to make hay today and tomorrow and then plant, but the hay is really not going anywhere right now in this cold weather. We are ready for more warm weather.

“A guy cut hay last week, but it is just not growing right now. As soon as we know we’re in the clear with snowfall, we’re going to go.  We have not had any snow on the ground yet, but they are calling for a foot of snow in Buffalo in the next couple of days. I keep reminding myself that Canada is only about 150 miles north of me so anything can happen in April. But we’re ready to make hay and plant when it warms up.

“There are some guys already calling their seed dealers and telling them that they are done planting and that they should come get the leftover seed. They might want to hold on to that in case there is a replant. You just don’t know what is going to happen.

“The guys that planted early are a little nervous about the chance for snow. They are wondering if they did the right thing. It is really hard for the guys who have not started to hold back. There is every emotion going on right now. I told myself that I should wait to plant until after we make first cutting hay. But I keep thinking, ‘I want to plant, I want to plant.’ But then the other sides of me thinks, ‘I don’t want to re-plant, I don’t want to replant.’”


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