New online tool for bulk feed customers

Over the last several years, feed ingredient markets have been extremely volatile, which has caused increases in price. Many producers have reassessed their options due to this volatility and, while they have been able to adapt for the most part, they have to adjust their management as well.

“Producers need to understand the differences and make apples to apples comparisons based on the nutrients in those feeding ingredients,” said Ryan Cooney, creator of “With all of the additional feed ingredients producers are looking at, it takes more time to manage those ingredients and to research what is available and what pricing is.”

That is where comes in to play. The site helps producers sort feed ingredients and gives them the information they need at their fingertips.

The website is designed to connect buyers and sellers of bulk feed ingredients — no bags of any kind. Cooney says there’s no cost to buy or sell. Sellers can only list the straight ingredients, so there are no mixes.

Anyone looking to sell feed ingredients can go on the site, list what they have available and what price they want for it. Buyers then have an easy way to see what’s available for what cost. Cooney says the biggest benefit for producers will be how fast and easy it is to get the information they need.

“The biggest benefit for a producer is the ability to make better inventory and formulation decisions based on how prices are changing,” Cooney said.

Users will also receive newsletters with pricing updates. Getting signed up is easy and free at

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