West Holmes FFA competes at state judging contest

By Elizabeth Overholt and Audrey Ivers, chapter reporters

On March 31th 2012 the West Holmes FFA sent members to compete at the State Judging Contest held at the Ohio State Expo Center. The chapter had members compete in Dairy Judging, Horse Judging, Dairy Foods, and General Livestock.

The dairy judging team members were (back) Clay Armstrong, Derek Reutter, Brandon Bowles, Tanner Goines, Morgan Hoxworth, Maggie Raber, Tristan Ramsyer, and Matt Schlegel and Marshall Overholt who is not pictured.

In Dairy Judging, members evaluate dairy cattle classes, take a general knowledge test, create linear classifications, and evaluate pedigrees for sire selections. The dairy judging team placed 21st, individually Matt Schlegel placed 76th, Morgan Hoxworth 83rd, Tristan Ramseyer 98th, Clay Armstrong 112th, Derek Reutter 160th, Brandon Bowles 203rd, Marshall Overholt 236th, Maggie Raber 238th and Tanner Goines 265th.

The horse judging team members consisted of Brittney Sigler, Logan Brannon, Beth Klein, and Travis Campbell.

In Horse judging members take a test over equipment, managements, and feeds, and judge halter and performance classes. In Dairy foods members identify cheese varieties, sample milk for defects, determine imitation verses real products, judge milking units, and take a general knowledge test over the dairy products industry. The Horse Team was 60th individually Brittney Sigler was 200th, Beth Klein 225th, Logan Brannon 262nd, and Travis Campbell was 411th.

The Dairy Foods ream was 23rd with members Madee Brewer placing 58th and Shyann Kick placing 95th. In General livestock members evaluate class of sheep, beef cattle, and hogs and determine their placing for that day for market purposes, as well as use market grids to evaluate profit and loss in species.

The general livestock team members consisted of Mandy Taylor, Megan Miller and Gretchen Straits.

The General Livestock team placed 38th individually Gretchen Straits was 13th, Mandy Taylor 371st and Megan Miller 377th. Congratulations to those members who competed at State Judging Contest.


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