2012 Proficiency Winners


1. Eirk Fehlan, Wellington
2. Anne McElwee, Cardington -Lincoln

Agricultural Communications

1. Maddison Buschur, Versailles
2. Jorden Price, Tri-Village-MVCTC

Agricultural Mechanics Design & Fabrication

1. Melissa Shears, Ridgewood
2. Sam Poeppelman, Marion Local

Agricultural Mechanics Repair & Mechanics- Entrepreneurship

1. Jeremy Robbine, Fayetteville

Agricultural Mechanics Repair & Mechanics- Placement

1. Cole Barry, North Union
2. Nate Seitz, Amanda-Clearcrekk

Agricultural Processing

1. Rebecca Faverty, Marlington
2. Tanner Mick, Miami Trace

Agricultural Sales-Entrepreneurship

1. Austin Wippel, Westfall
2. Marie Arnold, Smithville

Agricultural Sales-Placement

1. Kelly Fager, Wauseon
2. Rachel Mcclish, Miami Trace

Agricultural Services

1. Samantha Vermule, Delphos
2. Shane Gardner, West Holmes

AgriScience Research- Integrated Systems

1. Sarah Cox, Zane Trace
2. David Glass, Zane Trace

AgriScience Research-Plant Systems

1. Taylor Kruse, Pettisville
2. Michelle Satterfield, R.G. Drage Career Tech Center

Beef Production-Entrepreneurship
1. Jordon Mullett, River View
2. Chris Goettemoeller, Versailles

Beef Production-Placement
1. Molly Greenawalt, Lynchburg-Clay
2. Nathan Raber, Buckeye Trail

Dairy Production- Entrepreneurship

1. Kira Andre, Wauseon
2. Chelsea Skidmore, Mississinawa Valley MVCTC

Dairy Production- Placement

1. Ashely Wilker, Marion Local
2. Kira Andre, Wauseon

Diversified Agricultural Production

1. Aaron Clark, West Holmes
2. Brock Rohrs, Waueson

Diversified Agricultural Entrepreneurship

1. Cody Adams, Fayetteville
2. Dwight Shawk, Buckeye Central

Diversified Crop Production- Placement
1. Jakob Wilson, Fairbanks
2. Aaron Clark, West Holmes

Diversified Horticulture
1. Jennifer Morgan, South Central
2. Amanda Spears, Firelands

Diversified Livestock Production

1. Saul Triana, Wauseon
2. Kelsey Sheeley, Hillsboro

Emerging Agricultural Technology

1. Phillip Vanscoy, Ridgemont
2. Nathan Metz, Anna

Environmental Science & Natural Resources Management

1. Justin Pursel, Pettisville
2. Ross Andre, Wauseon

Equine Science-Entrepreneurship

1. Elizabeth Hayes, Marysville
2. Kari Cottingim, National Trail MVCTC

Equine Science- Placement

1. Leah Haines, Fayetteville
2. Mariah Carey, Mt. Gilead

Fiber and/or Oil Crop Production

1. Jacob Luderman, Paulding
2. Brock Goodman, Cardington-Lincoln

Forage Production

1. Austin Wagner, Wauseon
2. Martin Weigel, Buckeye

Forest Management and Products

1. Taylor Hopkins, Western Brown
2. Jordan Glosser, West Muskingum

Fruit Production

1. Cassandra Saylor, New Lexington
2. Mitch Rausch, Fairbanks

Goat Production

1. Jordan Fledderjohann, Botkins
2. Dylan Hesson, Versailles

Grain Production- Entrepreneurship

1. James Hozalski, Firelands
2. Jakob Wilson, Fairbanks

Grain Production-Placement

1. Aaron Bernath, Archbold
2. Chris Kutz, Fairbanks

Home and/or Community Development

1. Zac Siefker, Elida
2. Tim Garwood, Big Walnut DACC

Landscape Management

1. Nick Brumfield, Amanda-Clearcreek
2. Zac Sieker, Elida

Nursery Operations

1. Amanda Koch, Botkins
2. Megan Heinlin, Wynford

Organic Ag

1.Eric Dahlinghaus, Minster

Outdoor Recreation

1. Travis Campbell, West Holmes
2. Brittney Costa, Marlington

Poultry Production

1. Casey Swonger, River Valley
2. Amanda Bartel, Miami-Est MVCTC

Sheep Production

1. Adam High, Elgin
2. Emily Johnson, Miami East-MVCTC

Small Animal Production & Care

1. Leanna Bachman, Liberty Union
2. Justin Feltz, Versailles

Specialty Animal Production

1. Michael Snider, Genoa
2. Taylor Kruse, Pettisville

Specialty Crop Production

1. Brock Rohrs, Wauseon
2. Lauren Hoffman, Hardin-Northern

Swine Production- Entrepreneurship

1. Garrit Sproull, Harrison Central
2. Nick Rutschilling, Versailles

Swine Production-Placement

1. Nick Rutschilling, Versailles
2. Saul Triana, Wauseon

Turf Grass Management

1. Chris Kutz, Fairbranks
2. Craig Berning, Anna

Vegetable Production

1. Lauren Williams, Miami East MVCTC
2. Elizabeth Reindel, Delphos

Veterinary Medicine

1. Brenda Saldivar, Wauseon
2. Lindsay Daniel, Mohawk

Wildlife Production & Management

1. Ethan Bingham, Wauseon
2. Trevor Mclear, Genoa

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