Anthony Wayne FFA shares agriculture with third graders

Anthony Wayne FFA members held the first annual 3rd grade Ag Day at Monclova Primary School on Monday, May 7. Ag Day was arranged by the Agriscience II class, with the idea that the could teach the 3rd graders how crops and animals went from seed to products that we use every day.

Lucas Froelich, Anthony Wayne FFA member, assists 3rd grade students at Monclova Primary School as they spell out the word "agriculture" at 3rd grade Ag Day.

The FFA members used products, display boards, and other demonstration techniques to show the students the process of growing, harvesting, and processing from seed to the product on the grocery store shelf. The 3rd graders were divided into three groups and rotated through three different stations.

The first station taught students about grain production, while the second shared how fruits and vegetables were raised. The third station included a live chicken along with baby chicks and discussed livestock and poultry production. Finally, students had the opportunity to eat a snack of beef sticks, cheese, and apple juice after learning where each food came from and how it got to their snack table that day.

Lisa Mason, Anthony Wayne FFA member, shows the 3rd grade students a tomato as she discussed tomato production from seed to ketchup.

Lisa Mason, a sophomore in Agriscience II, stated “it was great to see the 3rd graders’ faces light up when I harvested the onion from the soil.” Lindsey Arns, also a sophomore in Agriscience II, commented, “I enjoyed talking with the 3rd grade teachers and students about agriculture.”

The Anthony Wayne FFA looks forward to increasing the size and scope of the 3rd grade Ag Day next year and making it a yearly tradition to teach students more about agriculture.

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