Are you smarter than a third grader?

By Dave White, the Ohio Livestock Coalition

Two third grade classes will be taking an all expenses paid field trip to livestock farms in Ohio this month, thanks to the efforts of a fellow classmate in being named a winner in the Ohio Livestock Coalition’s (OLC) “ForYourInFARMation” essay contest.

Emma Crusey, a student at North Union Elementary located near Richwood, and Naomi Miranda, a student at Buckeye Elementary in Medina, were selected as this year’s winners for their response to the question, “”How do Ohio farmers make sure we have good, safe food to eat?”

Students who entered the contest used educational materials provided by OLC and available at The materials explain livestock farming and provide industry related data. The essays reflected what students learned about food production, from the farm to the kitchen table.

The essay contest is part of OLC’s For Your InFARMation. The program includes free educational materials for teachers designed to teach Ohio third-graders about the origins of the food they eat every day and about the important role agriculture plays in Ohio’s economy. Materials for the program support key Ohio academic content standards for social studies, language arts, science and math, and can be downloaded free of charge at Through these materials, students learn about farmers and the economy, livestock farming, keys to safe and healthy food, careers in agriculture and more.

OLC believes that as more and more families become generations removed from the farm, it is increasingly important to educate students at a younger age where their food comes from and the critical role Ohio livestock farmers play in feeding Ohio and the world. That’s precisely the goal of the program and students from the two classes will be able to experience this concept first-hand during their field trip this month.

How would you have responded to the essay question? Are you smarter than a third grader?


Emma Crusey, North Union, Richwood:

Ohio farmers work hard to make sure your food is healthy so you can be healthy, too.

Farmers make sure animals get proper medical care. This means regular check-ups, medicine and vaccines.

Farmers make sure their animals are safe from natural predators and diseases. They make sure the stalls are comfortable and clean.

Farmers give their animals fresh water and plenty of food. They monitor the animals to make sure they are getting the food they need. They feed them the most nutritious food they can find that way they produce the best products.

Farmers work hard to make sure our food is safe to eat and drink. They get up early and go to bed late just so you and your family can have a safe, healthy, locally grown food.


Naomi Miranda, Buckeye, Medina:

Farmers in Ohio feed the world. The raise animals and crops that provide safe, healthy and affordable food to consumers in Ohio, across the United States, and even around the world.

The farmers know that one of the keys is to be sure the animals they are raising are cared for properly. Caring for animals means ensuring that they have proper housing, food and medical care.

Ohio’s livestock farms provide animals with comfortable, safe housing that will shelter them from disease and predators, and also from hurting each other. Farmers make sure their animals have plenty of fresh, nutritious food and clean water. Healthy animals produce and become healthy food that is safe for humans to eat.

That’s why livestock farmers through Ohio make sure their animals receive proper medical care from a veterinarian — regular check-ups, vaccinations and other health problems. Proper veterinary care not only protects animals from disease — it also helps ensure the safety of our food supply.

As a result of these steps, Ohio’s livestock are healthier than ever before and that means plenty of safe, healthy, locally grown food for you and your family! Farmers feed chickens corn and soybeans. The chickens then lay eggs. Farmers gather the eggs, clean them, inspect them, package them and ship to a store or restaurant. Products are inspected and graded by the United States Department of Agriculture, to make sure that the food is safe and good.

So if you grow up strong and healthy be sure to thank Ohio farmers!



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