Mark Dowden, May 7

“We didn’t quite get done planting beans. We’ve got 115 acres of beans left to plant. We’ve been doing a little spraying on the corn.

“We had pretty good rain go through the county on Friday evening. We got anywhere from .1 to 1.9 inches within 7 miles. We went to Springfield yesterday and there is quite a bit that will have to be replanted over there. They had some good crops but they got covered up. The southern edge of Champaign County had the big rains come through. I went past a field that they will just probably have to start over.

“This heat turned things on. The crops are just going. We’re trying to get some spraying done this morning before more rain. The water got away pretty quickly from the last rain. A light rain would help wash off some of the plants that got mud on them. They are acting like there is potential for some heavy rains this afternoon. We’re right in the line of fire.

“If it doesn’t rain, it would still take another day or two before we can get into the fields. We’re spreading sludge over it and it has to be pretty dry before we can get on it.

“We had a little cutworm, but the corn has already outgrown them. Some of the early beans we planted already have six leaves on them. I think we’re in A-1 shape right now. We’re really happy.”

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