Billy Pontius, May 7

“We need it to quit raining for a while so we can get the rest of these beans in. We’ve gotten two inches in the last week, so it’s pretty wet. Most of my corn is OK. It has emerged well. But if we keep getting rain, it will start drowning things out.

“We have about 500 acres of beans left to plant. I only need three or four days.

I am surprised that I haven’t had any cutworm problems. We put insecticide on everything and I think that helped. With this warm weather, the corn will outgrow the pests I hope.

“We’ve got some beans up — the first ones we planted are up and looking pretty good. I am really pleased with the corn. I was a little leery starting early with corn and then having all of that cold weather. But if we hadn’t started early, we’d be behind with all of this rain. The corn is all greened up and looking good. As soon as we get done with the beans, we’ll have to start sidedressing the corn.

“We don’t need the rain today. It has been really spotty so we may miss it. I had an inch in one rain when other places had 2.5 inches. If it rains today I think we’ll be out most of the week. I am hoping we can get the rest of our beans in during the next 10 days.

“Most of the corn around here looks pretty good. I have one field that is questionable because it is a wet area. But, in general, I am really happy with how my corn looks.”

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