Farmers plan to thank Domino's Pizza this weekend for supporting them

In April Domino’s Pizza shareholders rejected a resolution proposed by the Humane Society of the United States to require its pork suppliers to stop housing sows in gestation stalls. In fact 80% of shareholders voted against the resolution.  A Domino’s spokesperson says the company relies on animal experts to determine the best way to raise an animal that’s used for food.

The farming community is rallying together this weekend to thank Domino’s Pizza shareholders for choosing to consider the welfare of farm animals over the cries of an extremist group. Farmers are encouraging everyone to order Domino’s Pizza this weekend, May 18-20 as a way to thank Domino’s Pizza for standing with America’s farmers.

The blog The Truth About Agriculture started a Facebook Group, Farmers Paying it Forward with Pizza where you can show your support.

Missouri hog farmer and agvocate  Chris Chinnput forth the idea last week in a blog post she wrote for Just Farmers.

Chinn says, “Domino’s decision speaks volumes to me as a farmer.  It shows they trust the experts I trust.  It shows they trust me. I appreciate that.”

We ordered Domino's Pizza at the office to support the chain that said "no" to HSUS. Good decision, great pizza!

Chinn went on to say, “Members of my family, especially my kids, love pizza just about as much as they love farming.  I think the next time we decide to have pizza, I’m going to show a little love back. I am going to buy a Domino’s pizza. For me, this means driving 45 minutes out of my way but I think it’s worth it to support a company that supports me. And it gives a vote of support to a company that leaves important decisions like animal care up to the experts!”

When you pick up your pizza or get it deliver be sure give this sheet to the Domino’s employee to thank them.

Note: The Ohio Ag Net & Ohio’s Country Journal wants you to send us your photo eating Domino’s this weekend to We’ll put them in a photo gallery to show your support of Domino’s Pizza.

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  1. I don’t agree. Pigs are living breathing beings who should be treated more humanely. No Dominos Pizza for my family!

    • I wonder have you ever visited a hog farm? What do they do that you consider inhuman that you have seen personally-not what you have been told?

    • Pigs – Humanely. I don’t think pigs are humans are they? Thank you God for providing for us

  2. Janet, you obviously have no clue what a gestation stall is, nor do you have the first clue about farming. Please do a little research before you post ignorant comments.

  3. Thanks for great support of the American Farmer. I’m having dominos this weekend!
    As for Janet – visit for information about where your food comes from!!!

  4. We had Dominos last night and Barb thanked the Marion location and told them why. They did not know that the HSUS did not support the local shelters and will only support the local ones now. We usually buy from Dominos once a week, no less than every other week, but will do more this week to help say Thank you.

  5. looks like it is dominos for us this weekend!!

  6. Candice Dotterer White

    I will be glad to support Domino’s Pizza!!!I am so happy to see they have some common sense and are standing behind all farmers!!! We need more big companys like this to stand up for us farmers and our way of living. If we do not treat our animals with respect and love how could we expect them to produce for us? Smarten up people!!!!

  7. I am not a big fan of Domino’s pizza but this week I will be for the cause.

  8. I live 40 miles from the nearest town with a Domino’s Pizza (on a family ranch with a cow/calf operation). But, I might just buy a Domino’s Pizza gift card this weekend to use later!

  9. More reading material for Janet:

  10. Pizza is almost as worthless as the nasty pork that most of this country produces. The nutritional value is only outweighed by the gross toxin overload resulted from confinement operations and overvaccinating and medicating. This is a lose-lose any way you slice it, but as I also believe in free market I am happy that it prevailed in this instance while saddened that we continue to feed our children garbage.

  11. Devon, I’m sorry for your ignorance. I’m also sorry that you find it okay to insult the hard working farm and ranch families who produce the safest food supply in the world. I can only hope that before you choose to make a scene again that you, for your own sake, do a little more research into the matter. Not only will you learn that the statements you have made above are nothing but your own opinion but you may find that pork is the most consumed meat product in the world (in other words if it was in fact as “nasty” as you claim or comparable to garbage then how do you explain this? Is the rest of the world oblivious to the low quality of pork as you claim or are you susceptible to inaccurate information coming from unreliable sources, from which you form your opinion?). Another fact you may discover during your research is that the pork industry is taking great strides to address the antibiotics issue. It is important to note that industry standards and regulations are based on science and are regulated by veterinarions and other professionals. I’m all for free speech and for voicing your opinion. But…if you really want to say something that people will respect and consider make sure you understand the topic first. Call a farmer and ask him about his work. You may be surprised.

  12. It does amaze me how often some person criticizes others on issues that they are really not actively involved in. Time and time again I read a comment trashing farmers and the methods they use to help feed the ever growing WORLD population, yet those people doing the trashing only know what they have read. Growing up on a hog farm I witnessed many times hogs attacking a weaker hog and eventually killing the animal AND eating it. And many times these were not animals in tight confined pens. I have seen this happen with hogs in free range practices. There are REAL and LEGITIMATE REASONS as to why certain methods of animal handling and care have become the practice in todays farming. There once was a farmer who was missing for a couple days, finally when the law enforcement started to search for him they found one of his shoes and foot in it in one of the hog pens. They concluded he must have had a heart attack and died in the pen and the hogs consumed his body. Its time people WAKE UP and understand, hogs can be vicious creatures and most liberal animal rights activist doesnt tell their followers the WHOLE story.

    I commend Domino’s for standing up to pressure like this and do what they can to keep some political agenda out of operating a business. Freedom of speech and voicing one’s opinion is one thing, but to try to bully and strong arm some into doing that person’s agenda is wrong and immoral. Its ironic how many animal rights activist demand we treat animals ” humanely ” yet how many humans do they treat “inhumanely” by forcing laws and other legal procedings that violate MY rights and liberties and personal freedom.

  13. Before anyone claims another is ignorant, please consider that YOU may be the one lacking complete and total knowledge. Livestock raising is more complicated than good or bad after all. Gestation crates DO suck in some ways but they serve a purpose. Maybe all of the hostility could drive constructive discussion about how everyone’s, and the sow’s, best interests could be achieved. Is anyone saying there is no room for improving animal housing conditions any more than nobody cares about the animals? I hope not.

    • I agree there is room for improvement, but how often do the “opposing” side give good solid recommendations? Asking the industry to look into other methods is one thing, demanding it is another. Learning to work together and compromise is always what should be the end goal, but when some one who I never met and does not work in the same occupation and then demands I live and run my business according to their agenda, well all I will say is BUNK to that. Let me ask this Carrie, if you were learning to swim, who would YOU rather learn to swim from, A person who has been swimming for years or some one who just read about swimming ? I see this debate to some degree much like that. We have groups of people who are basically pencil pushers pushing their agenda on people who are actually doing the work. Seems to me the ones in the “trenches” would have better insight.

  14. I am a beef producer. I will definitely be buying Domino’s this week-end! I am grateful for their logical support of agriculture and grateful not to have to cook either!

  15. Clearly enough information has been seen on how many farms treat animals particularly those called CAFOs-Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations. It’s how the Nazis housed the Jews. The torture many of these animals are subjected to is ungodly. To justify this kind of raising animals for food is just greed for profits and is disgusting. I love meat and support my local farmers who I know treat the animals in a humane way and they don’t use gestation crates. The toxins these animals are loaded up on is necessary due to the filth they are forced to live in. You can justify what you do but many of us know the truth about the horrible living conditions these animals are subjected to.

  16. “The present system of producing food animals in the United States is not sustainable and presents an unprecedented level of risk to public health and damage to the environment,as well as unnecessary harm to the animals we raise as food.”

    —Robert Martin, Director of the Pew Commission on Industrial Farm Animal Production

    • You have every right to choose the type of meat that you want to eat. If you want to pay the extra money to buy from a local grower then by all means that is great! The problem is that we need large scale farms to produce safe food in a cost effect manor for the rest of us.
      I have seen free range hogs and I have seen hogs in gestation crates and I can say without any doubt that from what I saw…the gestation crates were cleaner and much more sanitary then the free range. Not to mention that the crates were able to keep the babies close to their mother without risk of her injuring them.
      Finally, the regulation that most want to enforce farmers (i.e. requiring farmers to pay vets to administer any antibiotics) would hurt the small farmers much more than the larger scale farms that already employ vets anyway.
      And as far as the Nazi’s…come on man, do you even hear yourself?

  17. I wonder how the sows feel about all of this…?

  18. My guess would be grateful to be up off the mud(free range) and able to protect their babies from the other animals.(You should stop to ask one sometime) Though I have to say I have given up on reading animals thoughts. They seem to only be focused on food and procreation.

  19. THANK YOU Dominos for standing up against stupid laws and for the farmers and THANK YOU to all the farmers that help feed me and my family every single day! I know that God put animals here on this earth to feed us and serve our needs and I know the kind of hours and back breaking, neverending work farming is. Again, THANK YOU!!!

  20. America’s farmers and ranchers produce the safest, most cost effective food in the world. I know several of America’s farmers and ranchers, I have never seen more compassion for animals than that of American agriculturalists. I know that it is truly safe to TRUST the people that care for those animals every day. Dominos knows this, and I hope that the rest of the world thinks about the fact that it is okay to trust the experts. You trust your doctor, don’t you?

  21. Bill Barga, Darke County

    Yes, Domino’s will be part of the plan. Thank you for thinking clear and considering all the facts.

  22. Thank you to all the hard working folks in Wellington Ohio for eating Pizza from my Domino’s store today! You are the reason why we continue to thrive! I am in complete support of our shareholders and our farming community. We DO rely on experts to determine the best way that these animals are used for food consumption. I have plenty of customers that farm or own land that is farmed. I trust the great people that raise these animals! It’s always your choice. But for me, pizza with meat from pork is AWESOME!

  23. Thank you Dominos for trusting Americas farmers. We do care about our animals. We work with them everyday!

  24. I do find interesting, the push there is for free range methods of livestock production and one of the main reasons is because of cleaner more sanitary living conditions. In SOME caes that can be true, but also keep in mind animals who are on free range are also urinating and defecating on their feed source. Confined livestock have a continual clean souce of fresh water and feeders made in ways to reduce fecal contamination. Animals on free range have a much greater occurance of internal parasites and diseases brought on by those than confined livestock, because confined systems are designed to remove manure contamination which is how most internal parasites are passed from one animal to another.
    Read up on Trichinosis and see how in the USA the number of annual cases of infected humans has had a steady DECREASE as methods of rearing hogs has changed.

  25. Paulette Hunter

    Confining any animal is inhumane. period! Housing an animal to a cage no bigger than it’s self is physically and psychologically detrimental. Sows spend most of their lives in these restrictive conditions.

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