Jim Herring, May 7

“The rain came down awfully hard and we probably got more than we needed. We got three inches of rain at home but only a quarter inch here in one of our fields. It is just a big difference in just 10 miles. There is about 80 acres that I am sitting on that I have to plant yet that I can plant today. The rest of the fields I have to plant are pretty muddy and it could be a while before they dry out. I have about 500 acres of beans left to go.

“I waited until April 22 to start with beans and those first beans are up and the stands look good.

Some of the corn sat in the ground for a couple of weeks, but it stayed dry, so it wasn’t cold and wet. Then it came up nicely. The stands look pretty good. It is off to a good start.”

The planting in the area is all over the board, with some who have just started and others who have finished. “I just hope we don’t have to replant anything this year.

They are calling for rain for the next couple of days so we could be out of the fields for a little while. Spreading beans out may be a good thing, though, and we really just need two good days to finish up. Things are going pretty smooth so far, especially compared to last year.”


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