Jim Herring, Wyandot County, May 28

“We could sure use a rain. I think the corn is getting some stress because of the lack of rain. I finished up about a week ago, but I actually have 30 acres of beans to plant yet. I have waited almost a year for the tiling machine to show up, so I thought we could wait a little longer to plant to finish tiling.

“I did have to replant about 300 acres of beans. The one and only big rain we had this spring came at the wrong time for those. In this area it was not as bad as the next county over where they got 5 or 6 inches and they really had to replant a lot.

“We had some cutworms, but nothing major. In general the crops are looking pretty good. We just need some rain now to perk things up and get the crops going.

They say there is maybe a chance tomorrow, but, with this dry air, it takes a pretty good weather front to get things going again.

“If we get through this stress and get some rains, I think things we’ll be alright. I do think the corn is rooting down. It didn’t really do that last year, and we did alright, but it never hurts to have roots down there. I got the corn all sidedressed a week or two ago, just about the same time we finished, right around May 21. That loosened the ground up. There did seem to be a pretty heavy crust on the ground. The later planted crops are in looser soil. You never know if it is the right thing to do when you plant early.

We have the weeds pretty well under control. I think we’re in good shape there. We’re getting ready to get the sprayer back in the corn to spray some Headline on most of it. We ran some last year and it was a real benefit. Just bring us some rain and we’ll be in good shape.”

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