Marietta FFA member competed in Animal Health CDE

Shania Baker a member of the Marietta FFA Chapter competed in the Animal Health Career Development Event (CDE) at the Ohio Expo Center in Columbus, Ohio on Tuesday, April 17, 2012. The Animal Health CDE is designed for students who are interested in a career in the field of veterinary medicine and consists of a written test of 75 questions online prior to the event, as well as a set of four practicums or hands on tests.

The first practicum consisted of how to properly handle animal, determine the gender of the animal, and identify blood sampling site to draw blood from the animal. The second practicum tested the procedure of properly removing a surgical glove from a surgeon without touching the surgeon thereby, contaminating the surgeon, or touching the tip of the glove. The third practicum dealt with calculating the proper dosage of medicine to give to the animal, choosing the proper instrument for administering the medicine, and how to correctly drawing up the correct amount of medication to administer to the animal. The fourth practicum was educating a client about the client’s pet’s dental health and correctly labeling the parts fo a tooth. The final paret of the competition wa instrument identification in which contestants had to identify 50 instruments or tools veterinarians use.

Shania placed 44 out of 172 competitors. She is top in District 10. The Chapter and Shania would like to thank both Dr. Jessica Smith D.V.M for giving up her time to coach Shania and Green Meadow Veterinarian Hospital for letting her use their facilities to prepare for the competition.

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