Mark Dowden, Champaign County, May 28

“We’re getting pretty dry. We could sure use some rain. We finished up about a week and a half ago. The later crops took off pretty quickly. There was a little period there where some stuff got planted that really struggled. Some got replanted. We weren’t planting at that time and didn’t have to do any replanting. We got lucky. There was a lot that had to be redone after the big rains in early May. The crop looked nice, but it got covered up with water.

“Some of our early beans had bean leaf beetles on them pretty good because there weren’t many other beans around. They drove through that, though, and moved on. I guess with as dry as it is, stuff will be rooting down so we’ll be better off if we get dry weather later in the year. They are talking about hopefully some rain here.

“We put ammonia on up front and only sidedressed a few acres to fill in a few wet holes where we couldn’t get ammonia on. I think in general around here, most of the sidedressing is done also. If it is dry and fit, guys just keep right on going when they finish planting. Despite the dry weather we’re looking good. When you have this nice of a start, you’d really like to see a good summer to see what it can do. But, you get what you get.

“The majority of the crop is ahead of schedule. There is a lot of corn in the knee-high range, which is unusual for Memorial Day. It looks like there may be some wheat cut around June 20, which means there will be soybeans put in most of the wheat ground. I have heard a lot of guys that said they get along better when they plant double crops into the dry conditions.”

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