Mark Thomas, May 7

“In the general area, I would say guys have 60% or 70% of the corn is in the ground. Maybe 30% of the beans are planted. I finally saw corn come out of the ground on Friday. You could start seeing some rows.

“We got some crazy spotty rain. On Friday night, I got 1.8 inches. One or two miles north, they got a tenth of an inch. It was so spotty. One guy in Carroll County got three plus inches of rain. It absolutely flooded my yard. I came down hard.

“I mowed hay yesterday. We wanted to chop it. I figured we’d have all day today, but it is looking like that might not be the case. If this first system goes north of us we’ll still be OK. We had wanted to make hay for a long time, but the weather has just not cooperated.

“I have not planted any corn or beans yet. Some of my buddies are done and some of them haven’t started yet. If I get 5 to 7 days of nice weather, I can finish planting. It was 27 degrees a week ago yesterday. It is time for us to get after it and get things in the ground.

“It is warm enough now that the seed can sprout and push its way up out of the ground. We were able to work a little bit of ground yesterday, depending on the field we were in. If the weather patterns get favorable we’ll be fine. It looks it is supposed to rain the net couple of days, then cool down, but stay sunny the rest of the week.”


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