Between the Rows, May 28

Mark Thomas, Stark County

“We are done planting and done making first cutting. Everything is coming up and looking good. There were a few guys that were replanting up here after the ground crusted over from the hard rain. Some guys had the seed corn maggot issues in the beans and corn both.

“We need rain. We haven’t had rain at my house in four weeks. We were wet pretty late up here. If you dig down in the ground more than an inch and a half, there is still moisture down there. Things are coming up well.

“We needed a good week of hot weather so we had good protein hay. It made good tonnage for us and we had around 21 or 22% protein. That is our bread and butter and when it is time for us to make hay we really had to concentrate on that.

“I don’t think we have to replant anything. We started planting corn on the 13th and we finished three days ago with corn and beans. We put it in the ground and two or three days later, it was growing. It looks really good.

“We’re down a good $5 a hundred on our milk check prices and inputs are up where it costs so much to produce milk. We’re not really optimistic when you look at the futures. We still have June and July that look like they will be tough months. We either need to consume more milk or export more milk or a lot of cows will have to go to slaughter. We had a couple of pretty decent years after a really bad year in ’09. We just need a little more income to even things out. June is dairy month, but it is not going to be a very happy dairy month because of the prices.”

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