Miami Trace annual banquet

Back row- Madison Hisey: Student Advisor; Evan Schaefer: Treasurer; Chas Grover: Chapter Development; Nicole Straathof: Student Development; Katie Frost: Community Development; Charlie Miller: Vice President; Jacob Rose: Land Lab Manager; and Sam MacGregor: Treasurer. Front Row- Natalie Miller: Greenhouse Manager; Hannah Peterson: News Reporter; Jennifer Frost: Sentinel; Judith Straathof: President; Tori Wilt: News Reporter; Jessica Little: Publicity; and Brooke Mossbarger: Secretary.

On Wednesday, April 25th, the Miami Trace FFA held their annual banquet at Miami Trace High School.  The banquet is held every year to recognize members, advisors, parents, and other community members that helped make the last year such a success.  Many members were also recognized for having numerous achievements throughout the year.

Senior Rachel McClish served as toastmaster for the banquet and assisted in presenting numerous awards. Retiring Vice President Emily Ratliff gave the welcome followed by seniors Nathan Bowers and Victoria Dugan with the introduction of guests.  Freshmen Natalie Miller and Jacob Rose introduced parents of first year FFA members. The invocation was given by Senior Landon Gibbs to all attending the banquet meal, which was catered by McCoy’s catering of Wilmington, Ohio.

Before the awards were given in the auditorium, senior Sarah Peterson sang the National Anthem. Many scholarships were presented to senior FFA members. Alumni president, Dale Mayer, and alumni treasurer, Robin Beekman, presented the FFA Alumni scholarships to deserving seniors Tiarra Perkins, Jamie Payton, Zack Anderson, Charlie Hiser, Jordan Bonham, Trevor Kirkpatrick, Logan Noble, Whitney Starcher, Garrett Reed, Nathan Bowers, and Kayla Kiser received a $400 scholarship. Sarah Peterson, Daniella Straathof and Tanner Mick received a $750 scholarship. The McClish Plants Plus scholarships went to Jimmy Moore, Abigail Hidy, and Beth Coil. The Auctioneers scholarship was given to Rachel McClish. Will Rostorfor and Edward Kunka were awarded the Steven Bennett Scholarship and the Mark Garland Scholarship was presented to Emily Ratliff. The Justin Stuckey Memorial Scholarship was presented to four individuals: Taylor Smith, Kirsten Harper, Edward Kunka and Landon Gibbs. The Ford scholarship was awarded to Sarah Peterson and Rachel McClish. Emily Ratliff was awarded the AGCO scholarship.

Miami Trace High Principal Jeff Spears presented the retiring officer awards to the 2011-2012 officer team. Those receiving the plaques were: Jennifer Frost, Evan Schaefer, Tori Wilt, Madison Hisey, Edward Kunka, Tanner Mick, Judith Straathof, Sarah Peterson, Jamie Payton, Charlie Miller, Brooke Mossbarger, Landon Gibbs, Daniella Straathof, Emily Ratliff and Rachel McClish.


The highest honor an FFA Chapter can bestow on any individual is the Honorary Chapter Degree. This year’s honorary chapter degree was given to Roger East. Roger has been a friend of the FFA for many years. We are extremely thankful for his continuing support of the Miami Trace FFA Chapter.

Alumni treasurer Robin Beekman presented the special FFA foundation awards. These awards included top fruit salesmen. The top fruit salesmen were Courtney Miller (3,878), Gus Mitchem (2, 802), Tanner Mick  (2,462), Rachel McClish (2,343), Caleb Penwell (2,189), Evan Scheafer (2,070), Landon Gibbs (2,056), Emily and Grant Ratliff (2,040), Daniella, Judith, and Nicole Straathof (1,935), and Sarah and Hannah Peterson (1,673).Seniors Jordan Bonham, Theresa Elrich, Kirsten Harper, and Natasha Holloway presented leadership awards, outstanding member awards and scholarship awards. This year we had seven State FFA Degree recipients: Jennifer Frost, Charlie Miller, Emily Ratliff, Melissa Ritenour, Daniella Straathof, Charlie Hiser, and Tori Wilt, receiving their American Degrees will be Paige Glispe and Ryan Hiser. These members will receive their degrees on Friday May 4th at the State Convention.

Proficiency awards are given to students who excel in the development of their SAE (Supervised Agricultural Experience) project. Rachel McClish received first in the district in the area of Floriculture Placement, and is a State Finalist. Tanner Mick received first in the district and is a state finalist in Agriculture Processing Placement. Edward Kunka placed fifth in the district in the area of Diversified Livestock.

Leadership Awards are based on the FFA point system. Members receive points for their various activities, participation, and conduct of chapter activities. The freshmen blue leadership awards were embroidered hats,  and were received by Cheyenne Cartee, Ashleigh Mossbarger, Bryce Pitstick, Justin Hobbs, Dusty Miller, Jaycee Perry, Ryan Souther, Caroline Hughes, Jay Coil, Drew Howard, Mekena Mason, Tyler Thomas, and Shayne Wood. The sophomore blue leadership awards were also embroidered hats and were presented to Abby Shwenk, Tyler Horney, Devon Jenkins, Hayden Allemang, Samantha Cummins, Paige Bonham, and Austin Shupert . Junior blue leadership awards were embroidered hats and received by Sam MacGregor, Elizabeth Wright, Sarah Boston, Jessica Little, Austin Chance, Blake Pitstick, Kyler May, Carly Strayer, Jeff Littrel, and Tabby Morris.  Senior blue leaders that received fleece blankets were Tiarra Perkins, Jordan Bonham, Zack Anderson, Abby Hidy, Garrett Reed, Charlie Hiser, Will Rostorfer, Trevor Kirkpatrick, and Nathan Bowers. The freshmen gold leadership awards which were garment bags were given to Caleb Penwell, Jacob Rose, Grant Ratliff, Natalie Miller, Abbie Noble, Trevyn Henry, Andy Moore, Brianna Thomas, Colten Hughes, and Branson Huff. The sophomore gold leadership were presented duffel bags and given to Evan Schaefer, Chas Grover, Gus Mitchem, Hannah Peterson, Nicole Straathof, Molly Garringer, Logan Harvel, Katie Frost, Mikayla Mick, Heather Johnston, and Allison Rife. The junior gold leadership received the fleece pullovers and the recipients were Jennifer Frost, Madison Hisey, Courtney Miller, Charlie Miller, Brooke Mossbarger, Melissa Ritenour, Judith Straathof, Tori Wilt, Barbara Sears, Cheyenne Wright, and Kayla Clyburn. The senior gold leadership awards were embroidered fleece blankets and were presented to Landon Gibbs, Rachel McClish, Tanner Mick, Edward Kunka, Sarah Peterson, Daniella Straathof, Jamie Payton, Emily Ratliff.

Along with leadership awards, Outstanding FFA Member Awards are given each year to those most involved in the chapter activities. The top 10 outstanding members of the chapter were (in order of ranking),10th– Edward Kunka, senior; 9th– Daniella Straathof, senior; 8th– Courtney Miller, junior; 7th-Sarah Peterson, senior; 6th-Chas Grover, sophomore; 5th-Tanner Mick, senior; 4th-Gus Mitchem, sophomore; 3rd– Evan Schaefer, sophomore; 2nd-Rachel McClish, senior; and 1st-Landon Gibbs, senior.  The top 10 members received jackets with their names embroidered on them. Every year a freshman member is bestowed with the title of Star Greenhand.  This member is the most involved in leadership and chapter activities throughout the year.  The 2012 Star Greenhands were Jacob Rose, Caleb Penwell, and Grant Ratliff. Also, one senior member is given the title of Star Chapter Member.  These members are rated on their involvement over the course of four years.  The Star Chapter Member was Landon Gibbs.

The Miami Trace FFA is also concerned with academics and we encourage our members to excel in this area. In order to receive an FFA Scholarship Award, a member must have a cumulative grade point average of at least 3.5. The freshman scholarships were awarded to Kaitlyn Althouse, Drew Howard, Mikaela Howard, Megan LeMaster, Natalie Miller, Caleb Penwell, Jaycee Perry, and Bryce Pitstick. The sophomore scholarship was given out Katie Frost, Molly Garringer, Mikayla Mick, Hannah Peterson, Alison Rife, Evan Schaefer, Abby Schwenk and Nicole Straathof. The junior scholarship awards were given to Sarah Boston, Bailee Bryant, Andrea Gustin, Madison Hisey, Sam Jones, Charlie Miller, Brooke Mossbarger, Blake Pitstick, Barbara Sears, Judtih Straathof, and Carly Strayer. The senior scholarships were given to Jordan Bonham, Landon Gibbs, Abby Hidy, Rachel McClish, Tanner Mick, Sarah Peterson, Emily Ratliff and Daniella Straathof.

The banquet would not be complete without the announcement of the newly elected 2012-2013 FFA officers. The new officer team consists of: President: Judith Straathof; Vice President: Charlie Miller; Secretary: Brooke Mossbarger; Treasurers: Sam McGregor and Evan Schaefer ; News Reporters: Tori Wilt and Hannah Peterson; Sentinel: Jennifer Frost; Student Advisor: Madison Hisey; Student Development: Nicole Straathof; Community Development: Katie Frost; Land Lab Manager: Jacob Rose; Greenhouse Manager: Natalie Miller; Chapter Development: Chas Grover; Publicity: Jessica Little. The officers were installed at the conclusion of the banquet.

The Miami Trace FFA Chapter is proud to provide premier leadership, personal growth and career success through agricultural education.


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