National FFA scholarship awarded to local student

The National FFA Organization awarded a $1250.00 Anderson Foundation Scholarship to Erika Coldiron of the Mohawk FFA. Anderson Foundaiton, as a special project of the National FFA Foundation, sponsors the scholarship. Erika plans to use the funds to pursue a degree at Ohio State University- Marion.

This scholarship is one of 1,539 awarded through the National FFA Scholarship Program this year. Currently, 130 sponsors generously contribute more than $1.9 million to support this program. This the 28th year that scholarships have been made available through the National FFA Foundation by individuals and business and industry sponsors to reward and encourage excellence and enable students to pursue their educational goals.

Scholarship recipients were selected from 8,050 applicants from across the country. Selections were based on the applicant’s academic record, FFA and other school and community activities, supervised agricultural experiences (SAE) in agricultural education and future goals.

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