Pioneer Hi-Bred Launches Replant Calculator

A new tool with will help producers decide whether to keep their current stand or replant when crops have been impacted by weather, pests or other issues. Pioneer Hi-Bred is offering a replant calculator on Mobile Pioneer dot com. It takes into account the original date for planting, original stand target and resulting plant population and the possible replanting date. Growers are then asked to consider their own likely replanting seed and input costs. The calculator will provide estimates associated with the current stand and replant stand.

The calculator is based on a long-standing chart developed by Dr. Emerson Nafziger of the University of Illinois. It illustrates the effects of planting date and plant population on grain yield for the Corn Belt. It also accounts for the current shift to higher populations as suggested by Pioneer research and data.

The replant calculator is part of a suite of tools available on and Mobile Pioneer dot com. A Planting Rate Estimator and Plantability Tool is available to help growers make additional planting decisions about which population to target and how to set the planter for the Pioneer brand product and actual seed they have received. Additional tools are available as the crop grows through the season – including a Growing Degree Unit Calculator, PrecipEstimator, Growth Stage Estimator, Corn Yield Estimator and more.

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  1. Armor Seed has a FREE smartphone app that has several useful farmer-friendly tools including a replant calculator. The app also has markets, weather, and much more in one convenient location. Just search ARMOR SEED to install. Armor Seed has had the app for over a year now and farmers are raving over the usefulness of the information.

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