New residue management system from Yetter makes adjusting easy

No field is perfectly uniform throughout, and taking time during spring planting to stop and make adjustments for changing field conditions, while necessary, means fewer acres per day. The Air Adjust Residue Manager from Yetter is the first in the 2940 Air Adjust series of products. With the Air Adjust system, row cleaner adjustments can be made from the tractor cab by making adjustments to the controller.

The Air Adjust uses up and down air bag pressure to allow farmers to make adjustments more quickly and accurately during planting. The residue manager height and down pressure can be adjusted independently from each other by increasing or decreasing air bag pressure. The residue managers are designed with parallel linkage allowing the manager to ride with ground contour, just like the row unit.

In no-till residue, down pressure can be increased on the floating residue manager for your field conditions. In tilled soil and lighter residue, down pressure can be decreased and air up pressure increased to allow the cleaners to float easily. The residue managers can be raised with the push of a button out of the way if necessary, such as when encountering a wet area or waterway.

This can all be done without ever leaving the cab. The easy-to-read digital cab controller allows for precise adjustments, making it convenient to change settings between different conditions. It also allows for preset settings.

Will Bier, of northeast Missouri, uses the Air Adjust Residue Managers with SharkTooth® wheels. He does a lot of custom planting, and conditions change frequently, which is the reason he chose the Air Adjust.

“It saves me a lot of time and I don’t have to walk around the planter making adjustments. I make all my needed adjustments from my tractor seat,” Will said.

“We all know how time consuming it is to have to stop planting, get out of the cab, and make adjustments to our row cleaners— only to find out the adjustments may not have been needed or don’t work in the next field,” said Jared Head, product specialist. “Now you can make adjustments to the residue manager that you may not have made before, increasing planting accuracy and leading to the perfect seedbed for even emergence and increased yields.”

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