West Holmes FFA at state convention

By Audrey Ivers, chapter reporter

Members of the West Holmes FFA came together in front of the school Thursday, May 5th, at six o’ clock a.m. to depart for the 84th annual State Convention. The following members made the trip, Marshall Overholt, Clay Armstrong, Megan Miller, Derek Reutter, Tawnya Eckerle, Elizabeth Overholt, Beth Klein, Dylan Holloway, Travis Campbell, Garrett O’Donnell, Matt Schlegel, Brandon Miller, Grayson Miller, Brandon Bowles, Atlee Miller, Casey Schlauch, Maggie Raber, Becca Chamberlin, Kayla Chandler, Sam Krejci, Elise Neville, Shyann Kick, Madee Brewer, Audrey Ivers, Tristan Ramseyer, Wyatt Gardner, Haylee Mackey, Mandy Taylor, James Friend, Bailey Boughman, Alexis Bird, Chris Patterson, and Corey Phillips.

Member of the West Holmes FFA came together to congratulate Aaron Clark and Shane Gardner.

Members Travis Campbell, Garrett O’Donnell, Aaron Clark, and Shane Gardner had proficiency interviews to kick start the morning. Travis competed in Outdoor Recreation, Shane competed in Agriculture Services, Garrett competed in Fruit Production, and Aaron competed in State Star Farmer, Diversified Crop Production Placement, and Diversified Agriculture Production. The other members went to the Columbus Zoo.

The members showed off the hats from the Ohio State Meats Lab.

The first session of convention than began, lead by State President Jessica Shanahan, opening ceremonies were then held. Brooks Gibbs gave a presentation showing the struggles of bullying.  He’s motto was “Be calm, and Be kind.” Closing ceremonies were held. West Holmes FFA members were able to go shopping, visit friends, and meet new people.

Member Mandy Taylor had the opportunity to sing in the FFA choir.

The second session of the convention hall then came to order, as Jessica Shanahan held opening ceremonies. The Honorary State FFA Degree Ceremony was held where West Holmes FFA Advisor Jaime Chenevey was awarded with this degree. The 2011 National Winners were also recognized and the member Aaron Clark was brought on stage to be honored the Star State in Agriculture Placement. Jon Petz was then brought to the stage with his entertaining, magical, life changing presentation. He showed the audience that sometimes the little things that we do, make the best and strongest impacts on other people. Shane Gardner and Aaron Clark were then awarded with their proficiency awards. Shane was second in agricultural services and Aaron was first in Diversified Agriculture and second in Diversified Crop Production. Closing ceremonies were held, and then the FFA chapter toured the OSU campus.

Members Travis Campbell and Garrett O'Donnell showing off their awards.

The third session was brought to order as opening ceremonies were held. Gus Gustafson was welcomed to the stage where he showed his emotional, inspiring message. He showed that even if people tell you things are not possible, push yourself until you know it isn’t possible. Garrett O’Donnell placed third in Fruit Production and Travis Campbell was announced the winner in Outdoor Recreation. Closing ceremonies were then held. The FFA chapter then joined together on a tour of the OSU meat lab.

Members Aaron Clark and Shane Gardner showing off their awards.

The fourth session was brought to order as opening ceremonies were held. Casey Schlauch, Becca Chamberlin and Elizabeth Overholt were awarded for their officer books. Ryan Best, the National FFA President gave a speech about how not to forget the little things in life, because like a small ping pong ball it is hard to keep them as they continue to add up. Closing ceremonies were then held. The state band and chorus entertained the audience, where Mandy Taylor, Travis Campbell, Haylee Mackey, James Friend and Bailey Boughman were involved. Atlee Miller was brought to stage to compete in a fun Minute-To-Win-It game, were he had to pull Kleenex’s out of the box in less than sixty seconds.

The fifth and final session was then brought to order, and opening ceremonies were held. Jessica Shanahan was then brought on stage where she gave a presentation about how sometimes it’s okay to live list. The 2012-2013 State Officer team was then announced, where member Casey Schlauch was elected as the District 8 President. The State FFA degrees were then given, members Casey Schlauch, Elizabeth Overholt, Brandon Bowles, Chris Patterson, and Corey Phillips received their degrees. The installation of the 2012-2013 State FFA officers was then held, along with closing ceremonies.

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