Between the Rows, June 11 update

Billy Pontius, Fairfield County – June 11, 2012


“Last week we probably got a tenth of an inch of rain. In the last five weeks we’ve maybe gotten two tenths of rain. It is pretty dry. The corn has been rolling, but I think we have roots that are really deep. I don’t know if it is hurting corn yields or not, but we need some moisture. We have had a few hot days, but it has been fairly cool.

“We’ve got some moisture pretty deep, but the corn and beans are almost at a standstill. I am fairly happy with the corn for as dry as it has been. My early beans look really good and they are starting to close the rows on my 15-inch beans. Overall, stuff looks pretty decent really, for the amount of rain we’ve had. We haven’t had bean leaf beetle problems, which surprises me a little.

“I was going to spray some fungicide on corn after it tassels. I’ve got beans to spray now, but until we get a little moisture I hate to do it and then have to go and do it again in a few weeks if it starts raining.

“The rain has just been really spotty. Last week, I was right in between two rains. We’re in a spot where the air is so dry it just has a tough time raining. Once this rain today gets through here, it looks like we’re going to be back in the same pattern. I was hoping to get quite a bit of rain today so it could last us a week or so. But the grass is starting to turn brown already and that is not usually a good sign for crops.”

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