Billy Pontius-June 25, 2012

“This corn is having a really hard time right now. If we don’t get a rain before it hits 95 again, it will take its toll.

“I got a half-inch of rain two weeks ago. That is all the measurable rain we’ve gotten in a month and a half in some fields. When you get into a dry period like this, it is hard to get a rain. If we don’t get rain soon, I think we’ll see guys shelling corn around here in the second or third week of August. It is that bad.

“On the gravel ground, the corn is turning a gray color and that is serious. If it starts raining now, there is maybe still potential for 150-bushel corn in some fields, but I have some corn that has already started pollinating. And, the leaves are curling up during the day around that tassel to protect them. So a lot of this corn is actually tasseling but you can’t see it because it’s rolled up. We’re going to have serious pollination problems.

“I think the beans will take more stress. They will be short, which is OK, because they will bush out more and won’t be so tall where they fall over. I have some pretty decent looking beans. We ran vertical tillage and I didn’t run it on one field. You can tell right to the line where we didn’t run vertical tillage in the corn stalks. The vertical tillage helped the beans roots down by loosening up that ground. It also helped early on when it was cold and wet.

“This corn has a heck of a root system on it, which we need. That was good three weeks ago. But when you have five weeks with no rain, eventually it will just run out of moisture. I am surprised the corn looks as good as it does for no more rain than it’s had.”

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