Dairy Quiz Bowl challenges sharp young minds

By Bonnie Ayars, OSU Dairy Program Specialist, 4-H and Collegiate Dairy Coach

They make the journey to the Ohio 4-H Center from all areas of Ohio. The individuals and teams spend countless hours examining reproduction, milk marketing, bovine health and diseases, and even places and locations of major dairy events. Toss in all those acronyms and it is enough to test the genius of even the sharpest minds. It is the journey that challenges the competitors, but the destination promises rewards if luck is on their side.

On Monday, June 18, the Ohio 4-H Dairy Quiz Bowl and Jeopardy was held at the Nationwide and Ohio Farm Bureau 4-H center on the campus of Ohio State. After a light breakfast, introductions of volunteers, and some orientation, junior and senior contestants went to separate rooms to complete a pre-test that would be evaluated for points and brackets. Questions such as what is another term for calving and who is the managing editor of Hoard’s Dairyman were just two of the many answered correctly. A walking tour of campus helped to pass the time while tests were evaluated and team brackets organized.

The junior competition included teams and double elimination rounds and the senior division was formatted similar to the popular “Jeopardy” game show. With hands poised on the buzzers, answers were provided confidently, some with hesitation, and others with wit. For example, one young man seemed to draw humor as his face reflected exactly whether he knew the answer or did not know it. Meanwhile, in another area of the 4-H center, older 4-H youth were selecting their favorite dairy categories for “Jeopardy.”  Brave dairy youth asked for 50-point answers. Wagers and bets created interest as they relied on some luck, as well as intellect.

Following are the results of the day:

Senior Jeopardy winners were 1st: Levi Plocher, Mahoning County, 2nd: Tessa Topp, Wayne County, 3rd: Julie Gress, Wayne County, 4th: Mark Gordon, Wayne County and 5th: Kadey Starkey, Champaign County 6th: Logan Meier, Wayne County

Levi was coached by Julie Martig and Mike Janik, Kadey by the Townsleys, the rest by Lisa Gress

High Written Test Score for Seniors: Mark Gordon of Wayne County

High Junior Teams: 1st: Wayne County Team A, composed of Todd Gordan, Denice Wolf, Sara Wolf, and Thomas Gress; coached by Lisa Gress

2nd: Wayne County Team B, composed of Brennan Topp, Ashley Hawvermale, Marissa Topp, Danni Ballinger and David Miley; also coached by Lisa Gress

High Written Test Score for Juniors: Three individuals tied for 1st place and they were Brennan Topp and Thomas Gress of Wayne County along with JD Nelson of Champaign County

Photos and more results can be found at www.4hansci.osu.edu/dairy under Calendar of Events, Ohio 4-H Dairy Quiz Bowl and also on the Ohio 4-H Dairy Program Facebook page.

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