Jim Herring-June 25, 2012

“We sure could use some water. We got maybe .8 of an inch of rain for the month of June. We had some moisture through May, but not a lot. And, since then, it has been very dry and the crops are showing a lot of stress. The corn is really curled during the day. As early as it was planted, it should be tasseling by now, but it is not there yet.

“The soybeans are hanging in there. They still have potential and rain could really bring them on, but we sure don’t see anything in the forecast and the 90-degree temperatures do not help.

“We got .7-inch 10 days ago. That lasted for about a day. It perked things up a little and then it was ready for more. There is an area to the north and to the east that got some pretty nice rains this last weekend, but we didn’t get them. Most areas are pretty dry, though, around here. It is pretty dry in a widespread area.

“In terms of pests, there are some Japanese beetles, but that is about it. But problems can explode pretty quickly when we get these dry conditions.

“Only about half the wheat is off, which is surprising. No one is bragging about their wheat yields, which tells you a lot, so I do not really have any yields to report. I have seen quite a few planters and drills running after the wheat, so I think they are banking on the rains coming some time. It sure would be nice if we could have some of that record rainfall from last year. It will probably average out over the two years.”

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