Corn planted March 22 is holding its own {June 6th update}

On April 10, 2012 we reported on some of the first corn to come up in Ohio. It was planted on March 22, 2012 in Fayette County. We are going to follow that field along through to harvest. See the field’s complete progress from March 22nd up until now.

By Matt Reese

Over the weekend, the March 22 field was getting some attention because it was noticeably shorter than the surrounding fields. A couple days later a visit with a camera was made to the field that had somehow caught up with the surrounding corn. The photos taken on June 5 show that the corn is generally looking pretty good.

The March 22-planted corn on June 5.

After a fast start, much of the corn in the region, and around Ohio, is starting to slow down a little.

“From what I have seen, we’re not getting the heat units we need right now because of these cold nights and we’re not getting out of the 70s during the day. So, some of the plants aren’t growing like they should be,” said Mike Earley, Seed Consultants, Inc. agronomist. “And, there was some early disease pressure and there have been some herbicide issues because of the cold weather. Some of the corn out there looks very good and some of it doesn’t. A lot of this corn is off to a slow start.”

As for the sudden surge of the March 22 planted corn, there are a number of factors that could have come in to play.

March 22-planted core on June 5.

“It could have been nitrogen, it could have been the planting date or weather,” Earley said. “A lot of crops get to a growth stage where they are just at a standstill for awhile and then they just take off.” 

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