Mark Dowden-June 25, 2012

“Last Sunday, some of our ground got a little over an inch of rain on it, but at home we got nothing. It was that cut and dry, there wasn’t much in between. Two weeks ago, we got around .4-inch.

“I would assume the crop is starting to get hurt in some areas. The corn is starting to tassel in a few areas. The soybeans look pretty decent, but they are dormant in the dry weather. They aren’t really doing much of anything.

“The wheat was really good. We got it all off and the straw is pretty much baled. We don’t have it all hauled in yet, but it looks like it will average around 90 bushels. We had one field average more than 100 bushels per acre. It was dry and had good test weight and there were good conditions to bale the straw.

“The neighbor bales up the wheat and buys it from us right out of the field. We’ll bale a load or two but he gets most of it. Now we just have to decide if we are going to plant beans or not. They won’t come up until we get some water. There are guys out there planting beans to the west of us.

“It is disappointing with not getting much water. If it starts raining, we’ll be just fine. We’re getting closer to the point of desperation every day and every day it hits 90 degrees is hard on it. There is more time for the soybeans and we could really see them respond to some water.”

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