Mark Thomas, June 11, 2012

“We could sure use some rain. We have some nice looking stuff, but it could use some water. We got an inch and a half around a week ago and 2 days before that we got 3 tenths. That sure helped a lot. It is so spotty. If you go 4 miles north they got 3 or 4 inches. We’ve got corn that is curling up. I don’t know that I have ever seen young corn curl up like this before. It makes you kind of wonder what that means for a young crop.

“We’ve got a beautiful stand of corn. I can’t complain at all. Our corn and beans jumped out of the ground. Because we are a dairy farm, we plant brown midrib corn that is very delicate and it is beautiful. Buddies of mine planted early and have really nice crops too. Our stuff grew great, but guys that planted a couple of weeks before us had to replant half their soybean acres because of slug problems. It was mostly in the heavy no-till ground where there was still some moisture.

“I think crops up this way are very good even though we are almost four inches of rain below normal this year. I give our year so far a B or B+.  We still have a long summer to go. We have a 70% chance of rain today. It is going to be spotty. After today it looks like there is not much chance.

“I think the wheat is a couple of weeks ahead of normal. I believe we’re going to have pretty good wheat with yields above what many people are expecting. I hope we get some good, timely rains so we can take advantage of planting cover crops. We’ll be taking wheat off in the next couple of weeks. I need the wheat for both straw bedding and feed.”

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