Mark Thomas-June 25, 2012

“It is about 20 degrees cooler today, which is nice, but we could really use some water. We got .8 of an inch of rain a week ago Sunday. We got .4 in the morning and .4 in the afternoon, which was wonderful. Then, on Monday, we were in a small band that got another .8-inch. So, we can’t complain, because if you go five miles north or south of me, they didn’t get any of that second rain.

“The second cutting hay was about three-fourths of what we normally make. The alfalfa was good, but the grass didn’t have much growth to it. We did get that rain after the second cutting, which will help get re-growth going. We’ve got maybe six to eight inches of regrowth already.

“A lot of guys started harvesting wheat and then stopped because it is too wet. The dry spots in the field are 12% and the green spots are at 22% moisture. I will probably start cutting wheat this afternoon. Some guys are taking it off early to double-crop. I believe the yields will be better than we thought.

“Our corn looks as good as it ever has. I have yet to see any in tassel up here. It is getting to be chest high in some fields. We have some really nice beans, but we also have a lot of stands that are very spotty. Slugs were a big issue this year. Some fields look like they were replanted where they weren’t because of how the rains came.

“The dairy side of things is kicking my butt right now. The dairy futures are looking better, but our inputs are still high, so drink lots of milk and eat lots of cheese and ice cream. Other than that, wash your trucks, leave your windows down, and do whatever it takes to make it rain.”

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