OCWGA pushing for a farm bill

The Ohio Corn & Wheat Growers Association (OCWGA) and Ohio Soybean Association (OSA) are urging their members and all agricultural stakeholders to contact Sen. Rob Portman (R-Terrace Park) today to encourage quick action and a yes vote for the Senate Agriculture Committee version of the Farm Bill.

“This bipartisan bill, which reduces the federal deficit more than $23 billion, is of utmost importance and it’s critical to move forward now,” said OCWGA President Mark Watchman. “Not only for the security of our state’s more than 26,000 grain farmers, but for the food security and food affordability of all Ohioans.”

OCWGA and OSA are in support of the revenue-based Agriculture Risk Coverage (ARC) program currently in the Senate’s version, as it offers a true safety net for grain farmers. Both organizations advocate for the consideration of germane amendments only. Non-germane amendments could delay or derail passage of the bill. OCWGA and OSA are encouraging a confirmation vote for the Senate Agriculture Committee version of the Farm Bill.

“This is an extremely vital issue for Ohio soybean farmers and the entire agricultural community,” said Bret Davis, OSA president and Delaware County soybean farmer. “Because this version of the bill eliminates direct payments in favor of a true safety net, it will not only benefit the soybean farmers in this state but all U.S. farmers.”

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