On Target Application Academy coming to Ohio

As advanced crop protection products and spray technologies come to market — and weed resistance continues to challenge growers across the country — it’s simple to say that today’s weed management environment is becoming more complex.

Developed by Bob Wolf, Ph.D., of Wolf Consulting and Research, TeeJet Technologies and BASF, with insight from a grower roundtable, the On Target Application Academy is a one-of-a-kind educational opportunity to provide growers extensive hands-on training for better awareness of herbicide application best practices.

“State certification courses and exams are important steps in ensuring proper herbicide application,” Wolf said. “The On Target Application Academy supplements these efforts, offering more detail around best management practices and factors that affect proper application.”

The On Target Application Academy educates growers on new application technologies, plant biology and advancements in new product chemistries to help them achieve the most effective and sustainable weed control possible — and to help mitigate off target applications, which is a continuous area of focus for the agricultural industry.

Ohio stops on the tour include the
Ohio Soybean Council Field Day
in August and the BASF Production Agriculture Seminar
at Owens Community College, Findlay, on Nov. 30.

“We’re excited about the programs we’ve been able to join as they not only provide a great opportunity to reach growers, but also include academic, manufacturer and industry representatives who will cover an array of topics, including plant biology, research and weed resistance management programs,” said Luke Bozeman, technical market manager for BASF.

Bozeman said growers will walk away with a deeper understanding of new technologies to ensure on target applications, better train employees, maximize yields, protect input investments, and protect lifelong investments in their crops.

“At the heart of the training is a detailed overview of new product and equipment technologies, training on proper equipment set up, including calibration, nozzle selection and clean-out, and a review of best practices for self-application,” Wolf said.

The On Target Application Academy recommends the following best practices:

• Always read and follow label directions:

• Develop proactive weed resistance management plans.

• Evaluate environmental factors before you spray.

• Select the proper nozzle for best results.

• Calibrate your sprayer.

• Be aware of cropping rotations in your area.

• Clean your equipment.

• Select proper spray adjuvants to maximize product performance.

• Configure your equipment to achieve on target application for effective weed control.

• Keep proper records.

• Handle, store and dispose of products according to label directions.

The On Target Application Academy is offered at no cost to attendees. For questions or to sign up for an event, please contact us. For more information about the On Target Application Academy, please visit http://www.agro.basf.us/stewardship/on-target-stewardship.html.

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