Patz introduces 2400 Series II Truck Mount Twin Screw Vertical Mixer

Patz Corporation recently announced the addition of the 2400 Series II Truck Mount Twin Screw Vertical Mixer to their Vertical Mixer Series. Available in 810 cu. ft. (22.9 mᵌ) and 950 cu. ft. (26.9 mᵌ) sizes, this mixer offers mixing capacities up to 1,100 cu. ft. (31.1 mᵌ) with the use of optional rubber/steel side extensions.

The 2400 Series II helps control feed costs by handling a wider variety of ingredients, including alternative feeds. Ingredients are mixed by two patent pending Vortex™ Screws and patented baffles, promoting fast mixing without compromising batch quality. Regardless of batch size, the mixer produces a complete, thorough TMR.

This new mixer can be ordered with tower style planetary speed reducers or a hydraulic wheel motor. Its hydraulic oil cooling system improves oil life, decreases wear on components, and minimizes maintenance.

The mixer’s rugged, low-maintenance design includes overlapped sidewall seams for added tub strength. To help ensure well-balanced rations, a reliable 4-point scale system accurately measures ingredients. A front viewing platform allows safe viewing of the ration during the mixing process.

One option unique to the 2400 Series II Truck Mount Vertical Mixer is the CreepDrive™, designed for working at constant, slow speeds. Shifting the truck into CreepDrive™ mode improves speed and discharge control to help with proper placement of feed in feed bunks. Another new option, a camera package enables viewing of the rear of the mixer from the truck cab while backing up or discharging feed from an optional rear commodity door. The package includes a 7” (718 mm) LCD monitor and weatherproof, shock-resistant infrared camera for night vision. Additional options include patent pending tub mounted magnet(s) and steel/stainless steel tub liners.

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