Fighting the drought on our knees

This morning when I logged into Facebook I saw where my mom had joined the event Prayer to Fight the Midwest Drought. The event was started by Ray Long, pastor of a small Lutheran church in Wapakoneta, Ohio.

The page states-

A terrible drought is afflicting your brothers and sisters in the Midwest, United States. This is an enemy we cannot fight with our words and deeds in this world, so we will fight on our knees, in prayer. Please add a prayer for rain in the Midwest to your daily prayers, for the next 7 days (at least). Yes, we officially begin on Friday, 13 July 2012. God is good!

It’s not uncommon in the small farming communities where I come from to turn to faith when it comes to farming. Kudos to Ray Long for bringing the plight of farmers across the Midwest to the attention of others and for reminding us to turn to God in these desperate times.

The area his church is in, has been hit hard by the drought. I know, because over the 4th of July my husband, mom and dad and I did an impromptu crop tour to survey first hand the horrible crops in the area.

My husband, Zach and dad, John on July 4, 2012 in the corn field at my family's home farm. This photo will be referenced in years to come as the drought of '12.
A look farther inside that same corn field.
A field we passed in Auglaize while looking at crops. It appears to have gotten a good start, but is now paying the price from lack of rain.
A corn field near the Auglaize/Shelby County line that was apparently planted later than others.

It appears as the drought worsens across Northwest Ohio faith will be what we need to get us through.


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