Mark Dowden, Champaign County, July 9


“We got some rain out of the wind storm. We got an inch to two inches out of that. The worst wind went through south of us. A farmer down around St. Paris lost four 40,000-bushel bins and one 30,000-bushel bin. His dryer, augers and 28% tank blew over. A bunch of buildings lost roofs. The wind laid the corn over is some areas. It was bad in a few spots.

“The corn is all tasseled out and pollinating right now. At least it isn’t 100-degrees right now and we’re supposed to stay in the 80s this week. Some of it was pollinating in the 100-degree temperatures, though. Time will tell, but we’re going to have to have some more water. I don’t know how much we’ve been hurt. It is hard to tell.

“The corn was curled pretty good even just a couple of days after the last rain. When it is 100 degrees, it draws moisture out of those plants pretty fast and they have to protect themselves. The beans really responded to the rain. It seems like they really grew. The beans have podded up, but we need water to fill them now.

“When it rained, we went and planted double crop beans on the following Monday. They’ve been in the ground a week now. By the middle of last week, the seeds had swelled up and sprouted.

“They are talking about no rain all week. It is not so hot so that will help a bunch. I am still hoping for three-quarters of a good corn crop. I think there is still good potential for the soybeans. “

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