Mark Dowden, July 16

“We got four tenths yesterday and we had one farm get hit with almost an inch on Thursday night. I didn’t get either rain at my house, though, and four tenths do not amount to much as dry as it has been. The high temperatures burn that moisture up really quick. We have some fields that got some rain and some that got none.

“Where we got that inch, it really perked things up. The rest is getting tough and looking worse every day. Surprisingly, I think we’ve had really good pollination. It got cool enough at night that it worked. Every day that we don’t get rain we’re going to have smaller kernels.

“We’re starting to see burnt up places over the knolls in the soybeans. There is still a lot of potential for the beans. They are podded up good but we need to get some water to fill them out.

“Some guys are preparing for little to nothing from their crops. Around us and south of us, there is a strip there that has gotten some rains. I think we all agree that we’re hurt some, but I think that we can still get a decent crop too.

“Pollination is done.  We have got to have some water to get those bean pods filled out now. I think we still have a couple of weeks yet for rain for the beans. We are seeing a 60% chance of rain later this week. The double-crop beans are up, and now they need a lot of water.”

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