Mark Thomas, July 16

“About 30 days ago we got 1.5 inches, then we got about two tenths since then and yesterday we got an inch an a tenth. I was giggling like a kid loading manure in the rain.

“The rain was a difference maker and it just makes you feel better when you get some water. I am looking at a 100-acre field of silage and it is thick, green and lush. There are spots that are short, but it is mostly pretty tall. It is a long season corn and the tassels came out over night after the rain. My yard now has a light yellow/green tint to it instead of brown and crunchy. The hayfields and the sudangrass have greened up a little.

“These spotty rains are welcome when you can get them. I am starting to see some yellow spots in the soybeans from spider mites. I hope the rain knocked them back.

I feel terrible for anybody out there who hasn’t gotten rains.

“Our third cutting hay made next to nothing. We had a 50-acre field make seven tons. We had some sudangrass that made good tonnage. I have some buddies around me that are close to chopping corn silage because it is done. But, we are lucky because most of the crops around here still look pretty good. Soybeans are flowering nicely. I did double-crop some soybeans after wheat and they are jumping up out the ground. I am still hoping for a 60 to 75% crop around here.”

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