Mark Thomas, Stark County, July 9

“We set a record high of 101 on Saturday. It was windy and there was no rain. We haven’t had any of the devastating stuff, but we are extremely dry. On July 5, we got less than a half a tenth and that is all we had in the last couple of weeks. Some of the crops are looking really stressed. We have some corn that has the gray pineapple look to it and there is no rain in the forecast. I am optimistic that, with these cool nights, we’ll get a good dew to help hold things over and back some of the stress off a little bit. We’re not to total devastation yet like some people are with hail and winds.

“Corn in the area has tasseled and is pollinating. Most of that corn is about 75% or 80%, but it needs moisture to pollinate. Our corn is maybe a week away from tasseling. I hope we hit it right with some possible rains. It could always be better, but it is not nearly as bad as some people.

“I am mowing third cutting hay  now. Our second cutting did decent. I would say we were 60% to 70% of normal on second cutting. Third cutting will be about 50%. Since we chop it, we will have very little time to mow it, rake it and chop it because it is starting off so dry.

Soybeans are decent. They don’t have the height, but hopefully the rains will hit so we can get solid yields. Wheat and straw yields were great. We had a great straw crop and we averaged 62 or 63 bushels per acre and I feel pretty good about that. I hope we don’t have a 1988 all over again, but it is sure looking like it won’t be much fun this year.”

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