Audio from The I-75/I-71 Ohio Crop Tour

As two Ohio Ag Net teams embark on the I-75/I-71 Ohio Crop Tour, they will be checking in with the experts along for the ride.

Day 1

On the I-71 ride, Ohio’s County Journal’s Matt Reese talked with BASF‘s Caren Schmidt about some early results.

Caren Schmidt

AgroCulture Liquid Fertilizers‘ Kurt Fisher weights in with his thoughts as the tour heads south on I-71.

Kurt Fisher

Ohio’s Country Journal owner Bart Johnson talks about the logistics of the tour.

Bart crop tour day 1 11_30

At their lunchtime stop, Reese catches up with BASF’s Schmidt for an update.

Caren Schmidt 2

Heather Hetterick leads the I-75 leg of the Ohio Crop Tour and talked with Hardin County farmer Paul Ralston about his perspective of Day  1.

Hs 2

AgroCulture Liquid Fertilizers Gaylnn Beer also shared his thoughts of opening day with Heather.

H2 1


Day 2

Farmer John Miller was along for the second day of the I-71 leg of the crop tour and he gives Reese his thoughts on the early fields of the day.

John Miller

Kurt Fisher talked to Matt about his impressions of Day 2 early on.

Curt Fisher Day 2

Delaware County farmer Glen Harsh was along for the ride as well on Day 2.

Glen Harsh

Matt Reese gives an overview halfway through Day 2 of the I-71 leg.

Matt Recap

John Miller took a stop on the tour in his home county of Fairfield County and did not like what he saw.

John miller 2

After the I-71 leg was over, Matt went over final results with Kurt Fisher.

Kurt Fisher final

Gaylnn Beer checks in with Heather on Day 2 of the I-75 route.

H2 90sec

BASF’s Don Snyder was part of Day 2 with Heather as well.

H2 1min

Heather and Snyder also had a chat after Day 2 wrapped up.


Heather puts a wrap on the I-71/I-75 Ohio Crop Tour with statewide results and thoughts from farmer Mike Zeedyk.



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