Billy Pontius-August 6, 2012

“We’re getting ready for harvest. Things are at a standstill right now. No spraying needs done and we’re just getting everything ready to roll. I would say we’ll get started with harvest in about a month. If you get down around Circleville on the gravel ground, they may start harvest in a couple of weeks. The corn plants were dying, but that little bit of rain helped them to green back up a bit. I don’t know if it will help yield any.

“I’m hoping for corn around 120 bushels. I’ve done some ear counts and there are some decent sized ears and some plants with no ears on them and some plants with nubbins on them. It is really hard to tell.

“If I can hit 120 bushels with $7 or $8 corn we’re talking about the same amount of money or more per acre as 200 bushels at $4. I did not sell much grain ahead. I sold the corn that I didn’t have storage for, but that is about it.

“I have seen spider mites something fierce this year in some of my beans. For some reason, the spider mites got the Roundup beans but not the Liberty beans right across the road.

“I’ve had more rain in the last two weeks than I’ve had since I started planting corn. Corn yields have already been determined. The corn is dented and we’re getting close to black layer. The rain might help test weight a little and it may fill some of the later corn out. The beans have had more flowers come on and the pods are filling out more. There are definitely higher expectations for the beans than the corn.”

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