Jim Herring-August 6, 2012

“Harvest is going to come fast. I think I see some beans starting to turn already. Harvest is going to be here before you know it. The dry weather pretty well took its toll. These late rains have certainly helped the beans, but my early corn is already dented and these rains aren’t going to do a lot of good.

“I think 150 bushels might be the top end. I think there is a lot with less potential than that. There was a long stretch with no rains and these late rains just did not come soon enough for corn.

“Harvest will depend on stalk quality. If we see stalk deterioration we’ll have to get out there sooner, but it would be a plus if we don’t have to dry any. I think it will probably dry down pretty quickly.

“We got some rain yesterday and the day before and some in late July that will really help fill out the beans. Early on a lot of the pods aborted, and now we’re getting some new growth. I think there will be some improvement.

“There are some guys starting to spray for spider mites. I haven’t yet. I am hoping that the rain knocked some of those down. I think the weeds are under control for now. We just went in to spray.

“We have more than enough crop to cover our contracts and now we can take advantage of some of these higher price if we get some yields. The prices are high enough this fall to help the crop insurance pay.  I think there will be a few surprisingly high yields considering the conditions we’ve had.”

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