Jim Herring-August 2, 2012

“We got a pretty good rain the first of the week. It was around .7-inch, which was enough to help the late beans and maybe the last of the corn, but too late for most of it. There were some other rains before that too.

“Spider mites and stink bugs have been in the beans but I think they have run their course. There was some damage to yields and some spraying in the area, but I don’t think it was widespread.

“For my harvest, I think it will be late September before we get started, but there are some beans in the area dropping leaves and they may be only a week or two away. Early varieties are really coming along. Most of mine are just getting a nice turn to them and they are several weeks away yet. For me it will be about normal, if there is such a thing as normal any more. The corn will definitely be early and dried down earlier than normal.

“There are probably some surprisingly good yields based on the conditions we had. Beans will be close to normal yields. It looks they are podded pretty heavy.

It varies a lot out there with soil types and rainfall but, overall, this area is hurt pretty badly. I do think corn yields will have some surprises and markets are helping with some optimism. In general, I think the crops have held up better than people thought they would. Crop insurance will help too, but it has still been a pretty tough year.”

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