Mark Dowden- August 27, 2012

“We had a meeting last week and they are wanting to step up to 20,000 acres for Vistive low linolenic soybeans in Ohio. Ohio has the right climate and environmental conditions for the best oil and the crushing facilities that want to be on board for it. The Vistive yields look like they held up through the dry weather. Around us we were pretty fortunate and the rain has really helped all of the beans. I think there will be some surprising yields in beans. The rains really turned them on.

“The corn is going to be better than it would seem around here too. It seemed to come through it, though I don’t know how. West of Urbana there is some corn being shelled already. They started last week. The field looked dead. There wasn’t much green out there. I assume it was planted early with a short maturity.

“Our early corn is coming right along. We are going to take it straight to town. They want corn bad enough now that they called us and they will even dry it for us at half price. It will work out well if the yields are there.

“North of us there were some guys with disease problems in the beans. They had a stretch with quite a bit of rain. We are getting some weeds in the soybeans. Once we got some moisture, it really fired the weeds up and, you didn’t want to put more money in this crop, so most guys just let them go. Marestail is the number one problem.

“I hope in the next two weeks we’ll run something to have some yields to report. So hopefully we can get the combine rolling.”

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