Mark Thomas-August 27, 2012

“Maybe 10 days ago we got four or five tenths of an inch of rain and we’re getting a nice rain right now. It is a nice soaker. A lot of guys are chopping. I’ve heard about guys getting in the fields and stopping and guys that wished they had started earlier. I’ve heard anywhere from 60% moisture to 80% moisture. We’re looking for 62% to 67%. Some of it is drier than you think and some of it is wetter. There is a little bit of everything. Some guys have been pleasantly surprised with 20 tons per acre and there are guys that are normally getting 25 or 30 tons per acre that are getting into the teens.

“A friend of mine is going to shell some corn this week. He planted some 88-day corn early and it is dry and hanging. We’re not even ready to do corn silage yet. We’re going to start chopping right after Labor Day. Last week it was at 70% whole plant moisture so I want it to dry a little more. I think the corn is pretty much done. Every time we get a shower, though, it seems like the beans get some re-growth. I planted some double-crop beans that have really benefitted from these rains and they are looking really good. The moisture is really bringing them along.

“We finished fourth cutting hay and second cutting sudangrass. The moisture has really helped it. This has not been the perfect year, but I am sure glad we’re getting rain. There have been so many places that have really struggled and we have been blessed this year.”

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