Billy Pontius-September 10

“We could be in the fields today but we’re trying to finish up some projects. We’re planning on starting on Monday morning. We took some corn moisture readings and some of it is 25% and some is 21%, so it’s going to be all over the board. I just want to get into it and see what is out there. I don’t trust this corn standing a really long time. There is no problem right now, but these shanks on the ears are pretty small and I don’t want them to drop off to the ground.

“We’ll have some beans ready by the end of next week. We’ll probably run corn for three or four days and then switch over to beans maybe next weekend.

“We got 2.5 inches this week and I heard that places north of Buckeye Lake got nine inches of rain and others got six inches. But west of here toward Circleville, they only got five or six tenths. The ground soaked up that rain. It is still dry here. We still have cracks in the ground so it will take an awful lot of rain to keep us out of the fields. It is not going to be like last fall where it is soaking wet and we’re cutting ruts and compacting soils. I don’t think we’ll have that problem this fall.

“We’re getting some chemical tanks ready right now for fall spraying come November so all of those tedious things are done and we won’t have to worry about them when we’re ready to start spraying. I think next week a lot of guys will be ready to start. It is supposed to be dry all week and I think we’ll start seeing things happening.”

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